How to Protect the Safety of Social House?

Social House is a boutique creative collaborative office and event space. There are many people here, including small businesses, freelancers and independent workers from creative industries. This space contains a spacious work area, seminar area, commercial kitchen and bar.

The founder is committed to making the social house a special place so that members of the creative community (mostly writers, photographers, designers, etc.) feel that they are more at home than in the office. With the increase in the number of people, each person’s work and rest time is different, which brings challenges to the social house’s access control system. In order to meet the schedule of dozens of members, they decided to replace the traditional brass key mechanical lock with a smart electronic lock system. In the end, they chose the Vanma smart lock system.

“It is impossible to manage our members with traditional mechanical locks. Almost each of them has their own schedule. However, the emergence of Vanma smart lock greatly simplifies our management of access control, which allows us to focus on providing the best service to members. “

Vanma smart lock system has flexible authorization functions. In other words, the founder can set the visit time of the members. When the member expires and they do not choose to renew, even if the member does not return the key, the door cannot be opened. At the same time, if some members violate the rules, the founders can also directly revoke the rights of the members (although this rarely happens).

It also has a blacklist function. Members will inevitably lose their keys. If it is an ordinary mechanical lock, you need to replace all the locks after losing the key, otherwise, it is easy to be stolen. But the blacklist function can prevent the lost key from opening the Social House lock.

“Theoretically speaking, when all our members gather together, access control management will be a nightmare. But the Vanma smart lock system makes this very easy, and we are very happy that we discovered this product.”

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