How to Protect the Safety of Retirement Village?

For retirement villages, the most important thing is to let the elderly live in a safe and reliable environment. This is the common wish of all managers, residents and employees. In order to achieve this goal, the managers of the retirement village decided to upgrade their access control system. After many considerations, they decided to choose the Vanma smart lock system.

Retirement Village

Previously, the retirement village used a mechanical key. Although it was cheap to install, the maintenance cost was high. For safety reasons, the retirement village stipulates that the mechanical key should be replaced every three years to reduce the risk of losing the key. Every time the key is remade, it takes time not only to reinstall the lock, but also to coordinate with employees and residents. The whole process takes 16 to 20 hours. In other words, in addition to the initial installation of five thousand dollars, an annual maintenance fee of about two thousand dollars is required. And the mechanical lock has no switch lock record. Abuse and unauthorized unlocking cannot be recorded. This makes it difficult to hold accountable.

But after installing the Vanma smart lock, these problems were solved.

  1. No need to change the lock frequently. One of the reasons for the frequent change of locks in retirement villages is the loss of keys. The Vanma smart lock has a blacklist function. After the key is lost, the administrator can set the key to the blacklist state in the smart lock system. The lost key will not have any unlocking function.
  2. Record every unlock. Vanma smart lock can record unlocking information. Managers can check through the smart lock management system. It includes not only the time and the lock that was opened, but also which key opened the lock. This provides great convenience for the investigation of responsibility.
  3. One key unlocks multiple locks. When using mechanical locks, employees need to carry a large number of keys to check the security of various areas. But after using the Vanma smart lock management system to set permissions, employees can use it to open multiple locks. In other words, they can check the security of each room with just a key.

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