How to Protect the Safety of Parking?

Parking management is an important source of income for most cities, schools, and public facilities. Because of the unique application place, someone needs to open the locker regularly and take out the change. Therefore, the first thing to solve is the problem of guarding and stealing. Managers After careful consideration decided to choose the have done similar cases Vanma smart lock system.

When I saw past cases of this company, I knew that this was the security system I needed. Because they have done the case of unmanned vending machines, which is very similar to our needs. What we worry about most is not the thieves, but that the staff cannot resist the temptation to steal money. But Vanma smart lock system has recording function and timing function, which is really suitable for us.

Vanma smart lock system consists of three parts: passive electronic locksmart key, and smart management system. These elements will jointly control the parking meter and the collection device.

The lock is plug and play, all the power supply comes from the key, so there is no need for cumbersome wiring. Just remove the original mechanical lock and replace it with a Vanma smart lock. This unique feature improves the safety and durability of the lock.

Managers can set the time allowed for employees to unlock in the Vanma smart lock system. In other words, even if the key is in the hands of employees, they cannot open the lock if it is not within the specified time.

At the same time, the administrator can view the record. Also, through the Vanma smart lock system, managers can check the time, department, personnel, unlock or close the lock. If there is an unplanned unlocking, the administrator can ask in time to hold employees accountable.

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