How to Protect the Safety of Hospital?

The safety of the hospital is very important. It is not only the safety of medicines but also the safety of the equipment. These are all valuable things. It is easy to be targeted by thieves. In order to protect the safety of the hospital, Sant Joan Reus Hospital decided to introduce the Vanma smart lock system to ensure the safety of the property.

As one of the most modern hospitals, Sant Joan Reus Hospital has specialized in oncology, plastic surgery and repair, thoracic surgery, and other treatments. In order to provide a safe and convenient environment for employees, patients, visitors, and external employees, the hospital requires Vanma to do the following:

  • Easily distinguish who can enter the emergency room, ward, pharmacy, operating room, employee office, etc. Even the time of access rights, for example, the staff office can only be open from 8 am to 5 pm.
  • Provide a safe and active environment to prevent drugs, medicines, or personal belongings from being stolen.
  • Easy to install. There is no way for the hospital to rest. Too many changes will affect the operation of the hospital. It is best not to install through hard-wired installations.

“As the premier healthcare-tailored access control system, the Vanma Smart Lock System was an ideal choice for University Hospital Sant Joan de Reus.”

Vanma smart lock system is smart, safe, and innovative. Provides a total wire-free electronic lock solution. All power is concentrated in the key, and power is supplied through the key. Vanma’s lock does not have a keyhole, which means that a thief cannot open the lock by picking the lock and steel finances.

“Energy-efficient technology means that you can save time, material and installation costs without having to connect. Through consultation with Vanma’s technical coaches, we have created a perfect plan. All the lockers can be opened with the same key, which is really a surprise.”

The smartness of the Vanma smart lock is also reflected in the key review. The authority of each key is confirmed and set by the hospital administrator, that is to say, the hospital can fully control the access authority. After the key is lost, the authority of the key can be canceled without changing the lock, saving maintenance costs.

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