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How to Protect the Physical Security of SMEs?

The network landscape is changing every day now, causing many to ignore physical security. But the truth is, physical security is the foundation of everything. With the COVID-19 pandemic in particular, many SMEs are facing the challenge of closing down or crime due to looting, protests and social unrest. These all are areas of physical security. So how to protect the physical security of SMEs?


Layered SMB Security Solutions

As a company leader of an SME, try to think from the perspective of a security professional. Starting from the company’s location, it is possible to stratify the surroundings: the building, the surrounding land, the parking lot, the entrance, and the exit. You can build security barriers at these locations, which may include security fences, gates, access control systems, cameras, and security patrols. Then compare the company’s existing safety devices to make up for the deficiencies.

This is 100% efficient because even if the boundary is breached, the intruder needs to pass through the next layer or layers. So before he gets to the core of the company, he’s bound to be stopped.

Perimeter Security

For SMEs, securing the border is a starting point, and there are many products to choose from. It is usually necessary to consider whether the camera has the following features: weatherproof, vandal-proof, playback storage, resolution, infrared technology, motion detection, analysis, etc. These can improve monitoring efficiency and increase return on investment.

Access Control

Effective access control techniques and policies can enforce boundaries, no matter how many employees you have. The Vanma smart lock system is undoubtedly the best among access control systems. Not all employees have access to the accounting closet where sensitive information is stored or the data closet where IT equipment is located. Through the Vanma smart lock system, managers can issue different permissions for different employees. Avoid situations where employees are guarding themselves against theft.

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