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How to Protect Telecom Towers?

It’s hard to live without the internet these days. If people want stable internet access, telecom companies must keep telecom towers secure, and Wircom has a strong position in the local telecom market, providing stable internet access to more than 60,000 people. But the company is currently encountering some difficulties:

  1. Need to secure multiple lock points and carefully plan access
  2. The access control system needs to be able to withstand bad weather outdoors
Telecom Towers

Vanma smart locks have developed passive electronic lock solutions for these situations, which can solve the above problems.

  1. Division of authority: The administrator can divide the authority of each key through the Vanma smart lock management system. Only an authorized key can open the lock. And one key can open multiple locks, which means that each employee can carry only one key with him. For example, An employee works in Area A, and the working hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The permission granted by the manager to this employee is: the lock of Area A can only be opened between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. After this time period, or if he wants to open the lock in Area B, he will be prompted with an error and cannot be opened.
  2. Audit report: Managers can view the unlocking or locking records through the Vanam smart lock access control system. Whether they unlock was successful or failed, it will be displayed in the report. When a problem occurs, managers can check according to the records of the audit report.
  3. Protection level: The protection level of the Vanma smart lock has reached IP67, and it can work normally even in blizzards and heavy rain.

Vanma weatherproof padlocks are used in dozens of telecommunications towers, and all locks work with the same master key system. Not only can managers open more locks with fewer keys, each employee also has their own keys and personalized access controls. Even if the key is lost, there is no need to panic, because the Vanma smart lock has a loss reporting system. After the lost key is added to the blacklist, it will not have any authority to open the lock and will not pose a security risk. And all the products used on the telecommunication tower are durable, whether it is heavy rain in summer or snowstorm in winter, it will not affect the work of the access control system.

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