How to Protect Port Security?

Ports play a pivotal role in national economic development, especially marine economic development. All import and export goods need to pass through here, so it is very necessary to protect the safety of the port. One of the most important and busiest ports in the UK: The Port of Southampton, which handles more than 14 million tons of merchandise each year and receives more than 2 million passengers. This also makes it considered the largest turnover port in Europe. In order to avoid security issues, the port owner decided to adopt a traceable system for audit trails.

How to Protect Port Security

Requirements from the port owner:

  1. Traceable and can be used for audit trail
  2. The system is efficient, even if the key is lost, there is no need to replace the entire kit
  3. Easy to expand

Vanma’s solution:
1. Switch lock record
Vanma smart lock has a switch lock record. The administrator can see the time, lock name, lock/unlock, department, and key name in the system. When problems arise, employees can be held accountable based on records. This can also prevent them from shirking their responsibilities.
2. Blacklist
Vanma smart lock can set a blacklist. After the key is lost, it is only necessary to set the key to the lost state in the intelligent system, and then the key can be added to the blacklist. The key added to the blacklist does not have the authority to open any lock. What the administrator needs to do is to re-enter information for the new key, which is convenient and fast, without the need to replace the entire set of equipment.
3. Easy to expand
Vanma smart lock is a passive electronic lock. This kind of lock does not require wiring, that is, the lock does not need to be connected to a power source. Because all the power is placed in the key. This is why the Vanma smart lock is easy to expand.

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