How to Protect Collaborative Physical Security?

For shared spaces, the first thing that needs to be considered is how to fix the space correctly. Usually, the flow of people in the shared space is very large, which contains different companies, and people continue to pay for different levels of access fees. Sometimes it is necessary to accompany new tenants into specific areas. Based on the above situation, the security requirements of managing shared space companies are far more complex than those of other companies. The most suitable access control system for them is the Vanma smart lock system.

How to Protect Cllaborative Physical Security

Unlike other smart lock systems, the installation of Vanma smart locks is very simple, the same way as traditional mechanical locks. However, the traditional mechanical lock will make enterprises take more risks because the key is easy to lose and the lock is easy to be destroyed. The Vanma smart lock system perfectly solves these problems. It has a blacklist function, specifically for the loss of keys. And it is made of stainless steel, so the lock body will not be easily damaged.


  1. Flexible authorization: Whether the person has a formal membership and is allowed to access all spaces around the clock; or someone who can only access the enterprise from 9 to 5, the Vanma smart lock system can perfectly solve this problem. And there is no need for complicated operations, just needs to be set when the key is issued.
  2. Blacklist: Everyone has had the experience of losing keys. When a key is lost, the manager only needs to mark the key as lost in the system, then the lost key will not have the authority to open any locks.
  3. Fully wireless technology: There is no power supply in the lock and no additional wiring is required. When the lock is unlocked, the key will supply power to the lock for authentication, and there will be no situation where the lock cannot be unlocked because the power of the lock is used up.

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