How to Protect Cargo Safety From the Starting Point to the Finish Line?

The speed of stealing methods evolvement drives the development of security technology. So, are there currently foolproof protection measures? Vanma can provide a perfect solution until the cargo reaches the destination safely.

What are the traditional anti-theft methods? Why do they not work?
1. Conventional padlocks
These padlocks can be easily opened with methods traditionally used by thieves, such as the use of lock picks or cutting tools or using a magnet to break the lock.
2. Seals
Criminals can easily open the seal using tools sold in any hardware store.
There is even a risk of internal theft: a special machine is used to copy the seal, and after stealing part of the cargo, the seal is pasted back in place. This practice generates losses in merchandise.
3. Recording cameras inside the trailer container
The autonomy of these cameras is limited; in addition, the vibration of the truck in motion and the surrounding dust can degrade or distort the image significantly.
Also, these cameras are quite expensive and their monitoring is not very practical. Because it will consume a lot of manpower to pay attention to monitoring in real-time.
4. GPS tracking
GPS tracking is a solution that has been in place for many years. The technology has been hacked by the criminals with jammers (priced at about 40 dollars), which are capable of blocking the signal and causing the GPS to lose track of the freight.
5. Geofences
Geofences are locks installed in the trailer container, which can only be opened upon reaching its destination. But when the GPS is damaged, it will also lose its function.
6. Theft insurance
This insurance covers part of the freight, but not the total value. In addition, this theft brings not only financial losses but also loss of reputation.

Can Vanma not be affected by the above factors?

  • Vanma padlock is made of stainless steel, which is anti-magnetic, waterproof, and highly immune to mechanical or heat cuts.
  • Vanma smart lock can record lock/unlock information, up to 3,000.
  • These padlocks are battery-free, only need to charge the key. They are easy to maintain.

Protection at loading
Cargo is locked in a distribution center, and can only be opened by destination managers have been entrusted keys.
Protection at moving
During the transport of goods, the driver has no way to open the lock, because he did not have the keys. If a robbery occurs, the thieves will not be able to successfully open the padlock and may eventually give up.
Protection at unloading
Additionally, the padlock only opens with a permit that the keyholder must request. Upon receiving the authorization, the system starts recording each time the key has been introduced into the padlock, each time the padlock has been opened, the key that has been used, and at what time. The storage capacity is up to 3,000 movements per padlock.

Then the truck will continue its journey to the next destination.
Vanma’s technology is a reliable, secure, and versatile solution in the market to protect freight.

Truck with cargo
padlock with smart key

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