How to Prevent Theft in Container Transportation?

In the process of container transportation, due to the large quantity of goods transported in the container and the relatively high value of the goods, some criminals have set their sights on the container. Once the cargo in the container is stolen, it will cause great economic losses and it will be very difficult to hold accountable.

In the process of container transportation, goods are often stolen, exchanged and packaged. There are two possibilities for this to happen:

The first is that your goods are intact during the shipping process, and the theft of the goods occurs during the loading and unloading of the goods. This situation accounts for the vast majority. There have been cases like this in the past, that is, customs insiders cooperated with criminals to commit crimes. In this case, it is not unusual for such things to happen.

The other is that it was stolen during shipping. They are usually top masters in the shipping industry, or work with customs officers, or imitate customs seals. Or for container land transportation, internal personnel (drivers) often collude with external personnel to steal container property. The methods of theft include door opening and lead seal removal, resulting in the existing container seal being ineffective.

How to prevent theft during container transportation? The following suggestions are for reference only:

1. Tracking through satellite positioning. Install a satellite positioning system in the container. Once the container is stolen, the specific location of the container can be quickly tracked through the satellite positioning system, so that it can be recovered effectively. Especially when GPS is used for satellite positioning, the cost of positioning is very low, and it has a very good effect of preventing theft. Once this container is stolen by thieves, the trajectory of the container movement can be clearly shown. Even if the thieves tow the container away, the location of the container can be found before the tracking device is dealt with. This provides a lot of time for the fight to solve the case.

2. Using video surveillance methods, such as installing cameras inside the container and on the periphery of the container, once a stranger attempts to steal the container, it can be quickly discovered from the surveillance video through this probe, and relevant measures can be taken quickly, prevent the containers were stolen or destroyed. In addition to preventing theft, it can also play a deterrent effect on thieves.

3. The container must be locked. Containers generally use locks (lead seals). As long as the door is opened, the lead seal must be destroyed, so most of them are disposable. Each lead seal has a unique number. Before shipping, the consignee will get the box lock number. The receiver needs to check the integrity of the lock, so once the lock is broken, it proves that the goods in the box may be incomplete or stolen.

There are many types of lead seals, temporary plastic seals (the least insurable one), High insurance seal (the most used one), steel wire seals. In fact, insurance does not really guarantee the prevention of loss of goods., No matter how strong the lead seal is, it will be unlocked violently.

Qualified container locks should meet the following requirements:It cannot be unlocked by violence, the unlocking authority of the door can be controlled, and the unlocking record can be viewed at any time, cost-effective.

Combining passive electronic locks can perfectly solve the above needs. Since the passive electronic lock can set the unlocking personnel, date and time when in use, it can provide strict unlocking control. Each unlocking record is kept in the key, which means that anyone who has operated the lock will have a detailed record. Once an accident occurs, the person responsible for the accident can be quickly identified. This is undoubtedly a powerful deterrent for custodian turned thief.

4. Add a kind of additional insurance, called ” Theft, Pilferage and Non-Delivery”, the English abbreviation is TPND. If all the anti-theft measures have been taken, but unfortunately it is still stolen, I hope this insurance can reduce your losses.

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