How to Prevent the Security of Commercial Facilities?

Nowadays, building protection is not just about locked doors and Windows. Different facilities require varying degrees of security, with high security areas like server rooms and research labs,gates and frequently accessed supply cabinets. The security protection of these commercial facilities benefits from the access control system, and cost-effective access and key control are necessary.

JWM Smart Lock System Features:

Control and Schedule Access
Using the management software, access permissions for each lock and key can be changed easily. Unlocking is according to the management authority, which can be specific to a certain person, a certain period of time, and a certain lock. The management is flexible and meets a variety of actual needs.
Increase Accountability
The electronic key has the function of storing information, and can record the action and time information of each access attempts, and the responsibility is traced to the person.
Key Unable to Copy
When a key is lost or stolen, locks can be programmed to deny access to the missing key. The electronic key uses electronic encryption technology, two-way verification (lock and key), can not be copied.
Easy Installation
Cylinders can be installed easily retrofit into a variety of access points, including doors, cabinets, gates, and more, quick and seamless.
Physical Security

The lock body of the electronic lock is made of stainless steel, stronger and durable, from the safety point of view, it is not easy to be pryed, and it is more reliable. From the perspective of economic cost, the intelligent electronic lock can be used in various harsh environments and extreme weather. Longer life, greatly reducing the cost of replacement due to old lock body and corrosion.

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