How to Prevent the Jewelry Store from Being Stolen?

With the increasing demand for jewelry, the number and scale of jewelry stores have been developing in recent years. Walking on the street, you can see jewelry stores of all sizes. However, there are frequent robberies in jewelry stores and huge losses. The security and anti-theft issues of jewelry stores have become the focus of social attention.


How to prevent or reduce the occurrence of stolen? The following suggestions are for reference only.

1. Strengthen the Awareness of Prevention
As the value of jewelry is expensive and the loss is greater after being stolen, jewelry counters must raise awareness of prevention. During the business period, each jewelry counter can only receive one customer at a time, and can only show one product at a time. When showing the second product, the first product should be put back in the showcase. 3 customers must have at least 2 jewelry counters at the same time during the reception. Jewelry counters cannot leave the display cabinets, for example, they cannot take customers to the cashier to make payments. This can easily cause post vacancies and give criminals the opportunity to commit crimes.

Necessarily restrict access to the showcase. This means two things:
When the jewelry counter is displaying goods, always keep the display cabinet locked;
Except for the jewelry counter, do not let others be unable to use the key of the showcase;

2. Strengthen Security Construction
Emergency alarm devices connected to the public security organs should be installed in the display cabinets and ventilation ducts so that even if the store employees cannot report to the police in time, the criminals cannot easily escape the scene after committing the crime.

At present, most jewelry stores have only two doors. Some anti-theft doors are extremely ineffective and can be opened easily by criminals. Therefore, businesses must install anti-theft doors with good anti-theft effects.

In addition, the display cabinet of the jewelry store needs to be installed with explosion-proof glass and locked. After closing at night, put your precious jewelry in the safe.

It is best to choose intelligent electronic locks for showcase and safe deposit. When using the intelligent electronic lock system, the manager can set the unlocking authority through the management software, and it is set that only the jewelry counter on duty on the day can unlock the lock. Since the system uses an electronic key, there is no need to worry about the key being copied. Whenever the jewelry counter unlocks the showcase, the unlocking record is kept in the key, and the record information in the electronic key is uploaded to the management software. Managers can view the work status of the jewelry counter bound with the key for centralized assessment and management.

3. Strengthen Security Patrol
Jewelry stores should be equipped with full-time security guard, who are guarded 24 hours a day. During the business period, security guard shall wear defense equipment with them and shall not leave their posts. When dining, other guards should be on guard.

4. Strengthen Safety Check
Frequently check the safety of the store, whether the security equipment is complete, whether video surveillance is clear, etc. Timely discover security problems and correct them in time.

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