How to Pick a Vending Machine Lock?

On many lockers and bike locks, tubular locks can be found. And this kind of lock is also very common in vending machines, so sometimes people also call the tubular lock a vending machine lock.

In fact, ordinary vending machine locks are easy to pick, and even only require a ballpoint pen.


How to pick a vending machine lock?

Preparation tools:

  • Ballpoint pen
  • Scissors

1. Use scissors to cut off the end of the ballpoint pen

First you need to choose a ballpoint pen. Its exterior diameter needs to be the same or slightly smaller than the opening of the lock. Then remove the ink tube. Because you need to use the exterior of the ballpoint pen to open the lock.

Cut off the end of a ballpoint pen

2. Cut 4 vertical notches into the back of the pen.

The notches should run up and along the sides of the pen. These will keep the pen flexible as they slide into the lock.

Cut 4 vertical notches

3. Slide the pen into the keyhole

Insert the pen into the lock and use pressure if needed. If you find that the lock seems jammed and will not allow the pen to slide in, there are two situations:

  • The notch is not deep enough. You need to take the pen out and cut out more to extend the notch
  • The inside of the lock is rusted. In this case, you will need to clean the inside of the lock to remove potential dirt or rust
Slide the pen

4. Shake the lock back and forth

You’ll need to hold the pen in one hand and the lock in the other, shake both from side to side until the pin comes loose. If all pins are hit, the lock will be opened. Please remember, that you’ll need to shake a few more times during this process. If it fails to open after repeated attempts, you may need to use a lock pick.

Shake the lock back and forth

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If you are a vending machine owner, you may be worried. Because the tools to pick the lock are so readily available, there is a good chance that the vending machine can be picked up by someone else. Is there a lock to avoid being picked?

Of course. The Vanma smart lock can do not only that.

Because the Vanma Smart Lock doesn’t have a keyhole, the ballpoint pen tube can’t slide into the keyhole.

In addition, it also has an unlocked recording function, which can prevent employees from stealing. According to the survey, almost 60% of the thefts occurred in the employee’s own theft. According to the unlock records, in the event of theft, it is possible to find out who opened the lock and you can hand it over to the police as evidence.

Of course, it is ideal not to be stolen. Vanma smart lock has a flexible authorization function. the manager can authorize unlocking time and date. Only within the authorized time, employees can unlock the lock. When the authorized time is exceeded, the key cannot open the Vanma smart lock.


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