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How to Open the Combination Lock Without the Code

How to Open the Combination Lock Without the Code

When we don’t use the combination lock for a long time, we may forget the combination. How can you get into your locker without breaking the lock?

1. Practice pressure

First, phase the dial side of the lock to yourself, then gently pull up on the shackle. Too much pressure will cause the dial impossible to turn. Too little pressure will make the dial spin freely. You need to master gentle pressure by making contact. This will probably take some practice.

Practice pressure

2. Find the first number

Gently pull up the shackle and secure it to the position you practiced before, then carefully turn the dial until you hear a locking click. Then this number plus 5 will be the first password.

This is not an easy task and you may encounter several situations.

  • It should only catch in one place, making a clicking sound. If the dial catches every few digits, you are pulling too hard. If you find that it doesn’t catch for a full turn, then you should be not pulling hard enough.
  • If you find that the click is between two numbers, then select the larger number plus 5
  • If the number plus 5 exceeds the largest number on the code dial, then you only need to take the single digit of the result.

3. Find the second number

Before proceeding with this step, you need to take the first number you find as a starting point. Then keeping gentle pressure, slowly turn the dial. Again, when you hit the correct digit, you will feel the bump and jam. This will be the second digit.

4. Try the combination

Once you have determined the first two digits, you are ready to start testing. You can slowly turn the dial to make sure you can test every possible combination. During the test, you will need to pull repeatedly to make sure you don’t miss the correct number.

How to avoid the above?

If you don’t want to have that experience, then buying a fingerprint lock is a very good choice. You don’t need to look around for a key or remember a code, you can easily unlock it with your finger.

Vanma smart fingerprint cabinet lock is very popular now. It is able to learn during the unlocking process, making your future unlocking recognition more accurate and faster. And the Vanma Smart Lock has a 180-day battery life, so you don’t need always to charge it. When the battery is low, it will automatically flash to alert you, and you can charge it with a power bank and use it.

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