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How to Open a Cabinet Lock Without Key in 5 Seconds?

How to Open a Cabinet Lock Without Key in 5 Seconds?

Seeing this title, if you have many amazing tricks in mind to open locks?
For example, the use of wrenches, lock picking, and screwdrivers, but also the use of small hairpins, pocket knives, paper clips, pins, etc., or the use of tweezers to quickly open the lock.
But no matter which forced to open the lock is both time-consuming and labor-intensive. Can not fundamentally put an end to such things happening again.
So, have you ever considered using a lock without a key? This way you will no longer have the hassle of losing your keys.

Fingerprint Cabinet Lock

1. Original Hole Installation. This lock has collected a lot of information about drawer&cabinet locks, and finally confirmed the design of a size that fits basically all convenient holes. The hole Diameter is 18mm (0.7inch), and the Panel Thickness is less than 22mm (0.86inch).

2. Fingerprint is the Key. No need to carry a key, an RFID card, or enter the password, etc., Finger lightly press on the fingerprint reading position, and 0.5 seconds fast unlock. 360 degrees all-round fingerprint recognition.

3. Long-lasting Use. Lock using rechargeable battery power, fully charged (about 1.5 hours), you can unlock 2000 times in a row, even after the low battery alert, throw can unlock 300 times, you have plenty of time to charge the lock.


4. Zinc Alloy Material. Not the fragile plastic material, we use zinc alloy as the raw material, the external wear-resistant spray paint process, which you can use in any environment.

5. Wide range of applications. Suitable for home and office drawers, and cabinets of all kinds. Such as dressing table, bedside table, shoe cabinet, storage cabinet, wine cabinet, file cabinet, etc.

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