How to manage keys better?

In many critical infrastructure organizations, managing keys still means using Excel spreadsheets, sticky notes, or folders. But in this case, it’s usually only noticed if the key is lost, misplaced, or in the wrong hands – in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

So, keys should also be considered as valuables. No lock is completely safe if you don’t know who the key’s holder is. While the world is digitizing, designing key lock access control systems also plays an important role in securing critical infrastructure.

There are many key lock access control systems on the market, but the design is very complex and maintenance requires a lot of manual work. When companies realize they are falling behind, the bar to fully switch to a digital system can be high. This includes not only updating equipment, but also the cost of learning for employees. And most digital access control systems won’t work outdoors because rain can break the lock.

How to manage keys better?

Before revealing the answer to the question, you can think about the disadvantages of mechanical locks and smart lock management keys:

Mechanical lock:

  • Requires a lot of effort
  • Inaccurate records
  • Threats to company property or facilities if keys are lost

Smart Lock:

  • Cannot be used outdoors
  • High installation cost
  • Employees need to adapt and learn new systems

Is there a better way than these two?

Vanma key lock access control system.


Compared with mechanical locks, its operation is simpler, and all records are automatically generated by the system without manual records. This not only saves staff effort but also ensures the accuracy of records. When the administrator wants to obtain the record of the switch lock, he only needs to read the record in the key. And it has a blacklist function. When the key is lost, the administrator only needs to add the key to the blacklist, and the key in the blacklist will not have permission to open any locks, so the illegal key holder will not damage the company’s property or facilities.

Compared to smart locks, they can be used outdoors and costs less to install. Because it doesn’t require wiring. In addition, the operating habits of Vanma smart locks are the same as those of mechanical locks, which do not require employees to learn how to operate new locks, saving learning costs.


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Use Outdoors

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