How to Improve Logistics Vehicle Safety

As more and more people accept the convenience of online shopping, there are more and more logistics vehicles. So it’s especially important that I go with the goods. These vehicles can carry everything from furniture to electronics, so thefts happen from time to time. Here are our recommendations for improving the safety of commercial vehicles.

electronic cargo lock

Lock the Door

We lock our doors the vast majority of the time, but you might be surprised to learn that 47% of vehicle thefts or cargo thefts are committed by the driver unattended and unlocked. Adding extra safety measures to the vehicle can help with this common situation.

Electronic Cargo Lock

At present, some vehicles have already installed the lock. The system is located in the loading area door (side door and rear door), and the lock will automatically lock when the door is closed, greatly reducing the occurrence of unlocking. Use the key fob to gain access to the relevant area. At present, this kind of lock is widely used in some countries and can be seen on most vehicles.


Mechanical Lock

Usually mechanical locks are the most common locks, but as mentioned above, although the cost of mechanical locks is low, there is also the risk of being unlocked.

cargo lock

Advanced Equipment

It is also necessary to upgrade the safety equipment to improve logistics transportation. For example, invest in upgraded lighting, security access control and camera systems, access control equipment that records data. Improve data management capabilities, prevent problems before they occur, avoid potential safety hazards, and better provide protection for staff and transportation materials.

Data management

The use of data-based equipment ensures the visibility of employees’ work. Through data records, managers can find existing problems in time. On the other hand, when an accident occurs, the responsible person can be traced through data, which solves the problem of responsibility division and does not solve the problem. It will lead to wrong judgments due to insufficient evidence, and it will be more efficient and accurate to deal with the problems that occur.

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