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How to Improve Garage Safety?

The security of a house depends on its weakest entry, and for many, the most likely point is the high-priced garage door. People tend to only pay attention to the sturdiness of the front door and pay little attention to the security of the garage. But according to the survey, about 9 percent of thieves break into garages. So to protect your garage door, here are some things you can do:

1. Cover the interior of the garage

The windows let in natural light and make the garage look brighter. But would-be burglars can easily stare at the windows to see if the cars have all been driven away. If so, that means no one is home and they can commit the theft. The solution was to add frosted film to the windows to keep the light in and make it difficult to see what’s going on in the garage.

frosted film


The monitoring equipment can monitor the surroundings of your garage for 24 hours. Once there is an emergency, you can check it directly through your mobile phone, or you can hand it over to the police as evidence to catch criminals faster. And most criminals usually give up stealing when they see surveillance equipment around.


3. Vanma passive electronic lock

Having a good garage door lock can solve many problems. Thieves usually enter the garage by picking locks and installing passive electronic locks can prevent thieves from picking locks. Because it does not have a keyhole like a traditional mechanical lock, it cannot be picked. The key communicates with the lock through metal contacts, and the lock will only be unlocked after two-way authentication.

Vanma smart lock

4. Motion detection flood light

Many thieves operate under cover of darkness, so a sudden burst of light is often enough to deter them. Different floodlights such as solar or linked power can be selected according to the needs.

Motion detection light

5. Remote control

It’s really convenient to clip the garage remote to your car’s visor or toss it in the glove box, but it’s also the first-place thieves will look. So it’s a habit to get into the habit of putting your keys in your coat pocket or bringing them home with your car keys.

garage remote control

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