How to Ensure the Safety of the Jewelry Stores? Just Need One Key!

More than 80% of the safety accidents in jewelry shops were caused by employees’ weak sense of safety and responsibilityAt present, most jewelry stores locks use mechanical cabinet locks, which have a short service life, and the keys are easy to copy, the vandalism resistance is not strong. At the same time, even if the jewelry access has an information-based management method, there is still a lack of jewelry maintenance and management deficiencies, and there is no good system to maintain management records.

The JWM smart electronic lock can effectively supervise the records of the clerk’s lock and unlock situation, and carry out regular inspection of some jewelry stores, through scientific and rigorous management, greatly improving the safety protection of the jewelry store itself.

The scientific smart lock systems

For the manager of jewelry stores, effective and standardized inspection and access to jewelry, and providing corresponding maintenance become the focus of management, which is the key to effectively ensure the safety of jewelry. The JWM smart lock system can effectively improve the level of security and protection of jewelry stores, and strengthen the supervision of managers to the store.

system design

JWM Smart Lock Management System is based on computer management software and cooperates with mobile phone APP to set smart electronic lock and smart electronic key. When the lock is in contact with the key, the power and verification information in the key are imported into the lock After the micro-processor inside the lock cylinder and the chip inside the key pass the mutual authentication, the purpose of unlocking is achieved. At that time, event and other information in the smart lock are also uploaded to the smart lock key.

APP authorization & Key record

♦ The Bluetooth electronic key is authorized by the management software and APP, the key unlocks the smart electronic lock according to the authority, and collects and saves the record of each lock operation.

♦ It has the function of storing and interacting with lock and unlock data information.

The smart electronic lock has no power supply and has a unique ID code.

Instructions for use

♦ First use the Bluetooth key to connect with the mobile phone APP. After the App and the Bluetooth key are successfully linked, the Bluetooth key will be time-calibrated and authorized;

♦ When all operations are completed, the App will enter the unlock or lock prompt interface (App has completed the authorization of the Bluetooth electronic key), and then insert the key into the lock hole for unlocking or locking operation

♦ After the operation is successful, the App will pop up a prompt interface for taking photos. At this time, you can press the “take a photo” button to take pictures

♦ After the operation is completed, click the back button to save and upload the unlocking or unlocking record.

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