How to Ensure the Safety of Outdoor Electric Control Box?

First of all, we must be clear that electricity reaches residents’ homes in one of two ways: overhead or underground. If the power distribution line is underground, the repair base and equipment may be placed in these outdoor electric control boxes or cabinets. Usually there will be a reminder of “HIGH VOLTAGE DANGER” on these electric control boxes. Operating this type of electric box requires professional training. If you do not receive relevant professional training and appropriate personal protective equipment, you are very likely to die in an accident.

Safety issues facing electric control box:

Question one:

Electric control boxes are stolen from time to time. The thief steals the metal in the electric control boxes, forcibly damages public properties, triggers a sudden power failure, and then causes the traffic lights to be suddenly deactivated and the residents’ electricity consumption is seriously affected, the more serious ones will endanger personal safety due to electric shock.

Question two:

In the process of electrical control box operation and management, it will be affected by many factors, subjective and objective, or related personnel have insufficient safety awareness, forget to unlock the lock during the maintenance process, and expose various power cables. This situation will bury huge security risks. Some children accidentally touch these unlocked electric control box devices during play, which will most likely cause accidents. Similar incidents are not uncommon.

Question three:

Usually, this kind of electric control box implements an unattended system, and it is often overhauled once a year for outdoor operation. In many cases, because the maintenance personnel are not professional, responsible, or even take a form, the electrical control box is out of repair for a long time, and the damage is aggravated, which leads to failure. When encountering severe thunderstorms, it is easy to cause fires and damage the life and property safety of the public.

In response to the above problems, the following suggestions are provided for electricity safety:

1. In order to prevent thieves from deliberately sabotaging the electric control box and stealing property, we must choose a lock with higher security. Ordinary mechanical locks are easy to pry open by criminals, even if you think the lock you choose is safe enough. After all, the criminal tactics of the criminals who choose to steal the electric box are also improving. In addition, it can also use the power of public media to propagate, prohibit the theft of public property, and deter thieves.

2. Increase the supervision of electric control box operators. After performing the maintenance tasks, check whether they are secure and locked. You can ask them to upload pictures or videos for confirmation to ensure that the lock is successfully locked. The electronic lock with the unlocking record seems to be a perfect solution.

3. Regular maintenance is required. If there is any damage, such as a hole or a broken lock, it should be repaired immediately. Try to track down which maintenance worker performed the maintenance task in a certain period of time so that the accident can be held accountable. It should be noted that passive electronic locks should be selected as much as possible for outdoor electric control boxes. Because of the bad weather encountered outdoors, the work of electronic locks is hindered. Passive electronic locks do not need power supply. When unlocking, the power supply is completed by the key. Unlocking, relatively speaking, is a more suitable choice.

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