How to Ensure the Safety of Gas?

Gas safety is closely related to the daily life of the general public and the production of enterprises. How to ensure the normal in gas supply business, to the safe operation of gas company is the most important task of Shandong gas company, including gas pipeline and related equipment such as pressure regulator, normal air supply valve normal work, so, how to ensure the normal operation of the pipeline and equipment, the hidden danger in time, is to make managers headaches.

Shandong gas company used electronic seal to fix gas valves and various equipment. However, electronic seal can only record the induction time between the mobile phone and NFC card in the seal, but it is impossible to accurately know whether the inspector operates according to the requirements to check whether there are hidden dangers in the valve and equipment. And the seal is easy to damage, once the valve fixed is destroyed, it is easy to cause a huge safety accident. Unable to do the purpose of unattended gas stations, not only management is difficult, and the safety of doubt.

JWM smart electronic lock can be used in the operation of all kinds of high, medium and bottom pressure gas transmission and distribution pipe network valve machine pressure cabinet, pressure regulating station, valve well and other gas facilities safety inspection management assessment.

Inspectors visually check the safety of gas pipe network by regularly checking whether the valve of gas transmission pipe network is leaky, whether the pipe, cover and outer wall are in good condition, opening the equipment cabinet, checking whether the equipment is in normal operation and whether there is any hidden danger. Unlock at the same time, if the inside will record the inspector’s identity and unlock time, and, unlock has permission requirements. The manager only needs to specify the lockpick person through the system. Only through the authorization of the system can the inspector successfully unlock the lock. Otherwise, the lock cannot be unlocked.

JWM smart lock management system can effectively regulate the inspection behavior, improve the level of gas pipe network management, reduce the risk of pipe network operation, and ensure the safe and stable gas supply. It provides a safe and reliable pipe network patrol and inspection management system for Shandong gas.

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