How to Guarantee the Stable Running?

Substation equipment patrol work is an important part of the operation management work, it is an essential basic work to check the operation of equipment, master the operation rules of equipment, to ensure safe operation.

At the site, inspectors conducted a comprehensive inspection of the thermal insulation, sealing and heating devices of outdoor equipment such as mechanism boxes and terminal boxes in the substation. Carry out detailed inspection of main transformer, capacitor, switch cabinet, battery and other important equipment, master the operation status of equipment in real time, and make corresponding records, so as to make equipment inspection, hidden trouble detection refined and normalized.

The intelligent electronic lock management system can be combined with the mobile phone APP to authorize the inspectors to open the locks with all their heart. Through the contact between the key and the electronic lock, the inspectors can timely grasp the switch records of each lock, improve the management efficiency, and avoid the risk of patrol management caused by negligence.

Through the electronic lock management system to the substation inspection, maintenance and inspection work, will further understand the situation of the substation, to ensure the safety and stability of the line equipment, reduce the probability of power distribution line accidents, to ensure the safety and reliable operation of the grid equipment during the peak of winter.


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