How to Efficient Secure Railway Industry?

Railway is a very familiar transportation for us. It covers a wide range and is a convenient and economical way of travel. The total length of railways in the world is at least 1.24 million kilometers, and there are a lot of equipment on both sides of the lines to ensure the safety of railway operations. 

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Since the equipments are all in the outdoor working environment, regular maintenance is an important link in the safety management of railway operations. Traditional mechanical padlocks can only realize the basic functions of unlocking these devices, and cannot effectively control the operation compliance of operators, resulting in the following problems:

  • The operation line is long, and the large number of traditional mechanical keys leads to management difficulties, and it takes time for the operator to collect and return the keys.
  • Single key unlocking mode increases the possibility of management errors, especially when multiple departments need to unlock the same device, there is a potential problem that the operator does not have unlocking authority.
  • It is impossible to record the unlocking data of each device along the route in real time, and it is impossible to detect abnormal situations in time and deal with them in time.

Vanma has specially customized the Vanma Smart Passive Lock Management System in combination with the operation and maintenance management specifications of the railway industry and the operation process during maintenance. It can ensure that authorized operators unlock to maintain during inspection and maintenance period according to regulations, and lock after work, which can avoid life-threatening accidents and line paralysis accidents that may be caused by non-compliant operations. And this can maximize the safety of operating personnel and the safe and efficient operation of high-speed rail.

How does Vanma Smart Passive Lock Management System solve the above problems?

Setting Permissions.

The administrator sets unlocking permissions for operators with different responsibilities, including which locks can be unlocked and when they can be unlocked.

One Key Unlock Multiple Locks.

There are a lot of equipment on the railway line. The operator only needs to take out one key, and the manager sets the unlocking authority of multiple locks for the operator in advance, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

Remote Authorization Unlocking.

If there is an emergency and the operator needs to unlock a lock without unlocking authority, he can contact the manager to apply for unlocking authority, which can ensure the timeliness and safety of the work.

Record Unlocking and Locking Data.

The key can record the data in real time, and the manager can check these data in the management background at any time, and deal with it immediately if there is an abnormal situation. These data can also be saved for future management.

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