How to Convert the Headquarters to Co-working?

After years of business development for the real estate company, the headquarters area has reached an astonishing level, about 10,000 square feet. In addition, they built a new headquarters in order to merge four separate locations. The area of the new headquarters reaches 38,000 square feet.

When the company employees moved into the new headquarters, the space in the old headquarters would be vacated, so they decided to rent it out. At first, they found a few tenants and rented the entire space for a few years, but in the end, it was all short-term. In order to be able to stabilize as quickly as possible, they discovered a new concept: co-working.

co-working space

The first problem that needs to be solved to create a co-working office is the access control system. The manager discovered the Vanma smart lock management system while exploring other co-working spaces and installed it before the co-working space opened the door.

Functions of Vanma Smart Lock:

  1. Flexible authorization: One of the reasons why Vanma smart locks can be the choice of many co-working spaces is the flexible authorization function. Managers can set different permissions for different people. For example, they can only unlock room A. At the same time, managers can control their access time. For example, this room is used by two companies, one is during the day and the other is at night, then the manager can set the time. Once the specified time is exceeded, the key will be useless and no locks can be unlocked.
  2. Blacklist function: In this kind of co-working space, the most troublesome problem is the key loss. Once the key is lost, failure to replace the lock is likely to cause safety hazards, and replacement of the lock will also increase costs. And because the office is public, the keys in other people’s hands need to be replaced when changing the keys, which can easily cause the problem that the lock cannot be unlocked. The blacklist function of the Vanma smart lock can directly disable the key. In other words, the keys in the blacklist will not have permission to unlock, and there is no security risk.

“Now, our office has been operating 24/7 and does not require many employees. Even at night, our door does not require employees to be on duty. All authorized companies can enter and exit freely. This greatly reduces the work of employees. Time left a considerable amount of expense for the company.”

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