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How to Choose the Most Secure Padlock

How to Choose the Most Secure Padlock

When choosing a padlock, we need to be clear about what scenario you want to use, at home, outdoors or some other place. Different use scenarios require different locks. If the locks suitable for indoor use are used outdoors, they cannot fully protect your property. This is why you need to understand the various locks on the market in advance. The most important thing is to choose When locking, you need to know which lock is the safest, such as which brand and material, and size of lock.

First of all, make clear what kind of lock you are looking for, choose cheap or strong, where you want to use it, etc. The following is an example of a steel padlock

Buying an Outdoor Steel Padlock

1. First confirm the padlock material and size you want to purchase. Used on outdoor gates. Be sure to choose steel padlocks or other alloy padlocks to ensure that they are strong enough. By the way, steel padlocks are currently the strongest on the market. The firmer it is, the more secure it is. Therefore, steel padlocks are more suitable. In addition, don’t just look at the thickness of the lock. The higher the thickness, the stronger it is. The most important thing is the material.

2. Next, look at the shoulder shroud because the thicker and larger it is, the better. This is also known as the shackle cover and any metal that shrouds the shackle will add an additional layer of metal that has to be cut or removed to access the lock for opening it.

steel padlock

Keeping that shackle more protected happens with less access and a shackle cover. Also, if you have a hardened plate called an anti-drill plate, you’ll find that a drill won’t be able to break through which will mean better security.

In addition, you can purchase additional plastic or other lock body protection covers, these protective covers can reduce the erosion of dust and rain on the lock, thereby slowing down the aging of the lock, making the lock more durable, and increasing the number of thieves in the event of theft damage and cutting difficulty.

smart padlock

3. Finally, the lock cylinder structure is the core of the safety of the padlock. Because the number and structure of lock pins inside different locks are also different, a padlock cylinder with a simple structure is easier to pick up, and the key is easy to copy. 

lock pick

Brands on the market

There are several brands on the market today that have all of the above and can meet your every need, such as Vanmalock, Sargent & Greenleaf, Ingersoll, ABUS, Master Lock, Hi-Shear and Stanley Hardware. For those on a budget, go for the Stanley Hardened Steel Padlock for about $50. For the absolute top-of-the-line product type, you can find the $2,600 padlock Sargent & Greenleaf or the $170 Vanmalock, both of which have extremely high security attributes, with the Vanmalock enabling remote unlocking and unlocking records.

vanma type of locks

While it’s important to save money, it’s worth the investment to get the security that comes with the higher-end padlocks. These are the things to look for that will tell you a padlock is most secure.

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