How to choose the best wireless locks access control system for you?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the key models of future communication systems that will integrate all the devices, devices and household appliances that are commonly used in our daily lives. This integration will be done through an IP-based Internet system.
In access control systems, the traditional locks of buildings are replaced by wireless electronic locks. These locks connect to a wireless access point or wireless router, which helps multiple wireless-enabled devices and locks communicate with each other within specified standards and conditions. The control and management of the entire access control system is done through a software application that provides an interface to configure the conditions and criteria required to access the door.
wireless locks access control

Modern wireless door locks are capable of handling multiple data entry systems such as thumb impressions, manual codes, images, etc. via wireless door readers. Therefore, they are much smarter than they were a few years ago!

Wireless locks are useful in many use cases, and they often represent a very effective option. However, in different scenarios, which wireless lock is the better choice? Now let me recommend you two wireless lock products in different scenarios, which can meet all your needs. 

For home & building wireless lock access control system

Kisi access control system

It is consist of Kisi Reader Pro, Kisi Controller Pro, Kisi software, Kisi mobile app.


  • Lightning-fast unlocks
  • APP unlock, Tap to unlock,
  • MotionSense Credentials
  • In/out tracking
  • Unlock schedules
  • Access management
  • Remote unlocks
Kisi access control


This system need to connect to WiFi or Ethernet. Once the power is out, the built-in power supply cannot last for too long.

For confidential place & outdoor wireless lock access control system

Vanma smart passive lock management system

It is composed of passive electronic locks, electronic keys, and management software.
Vanma passive electronic lock, its appearance is similar to mechanical lock, but with a standard smart lock cylinder embedded in it, which is an intelligent access control system. Not only high security but also a greater degree of flexibility. Makes it possible to easily manage access permissions. 


  • Be similar to mechanical lock, easy to replace traditional lock
  • No power in locks. Electronic key supply powers
  • No need wired,Could be installed everywhere, indoor or outdoor
  • One key unlocks multiple locks
  • Remote authorization flexibly
  • Record Lock/Unlock Information
  • Blacklist function for lost key
  • Covers most lock types on the market


Managers need to record and set lock and key information in the vanma smart management system. If you have thousands of locks, that will spend some time.


You could select Kisi if you want to choose access control system for a apartment or business building. You could choose Vanma Lock if the lock will be installed outdoor or confidential place. Meanwhile, you need to centralized manage these locks. For example, bank, electric power industry, transportation industry, communication industry, etc.

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