How to Choose Padlock?

1. Materials and design
With a padlock made from cheap materials, a thief can easily break it with simple tools such as a hammer, whereas a well-engineered padlock made from the likes of alloy steel or brass is a lot stronger and more theft-proof. If you’re using your padlock outside, a weatherproof padlock is essential and if you’re using it around water – for example, on a boat – make sure it’s waterproof too.
How to choose padlocks?

2. Shackle 
This is the silver hoop at the top. Ideally, get a padlock where the shackle is mostly hidden so cutters can’t get anywhere near it.

3. Padlock uses
The use of padlock is also an important standard for padlock selection. If you just need to secure an indoor locker full of documents then a $5 lock is probably fine. For a shed full of valuables, it’s worth paying a lot more for a properly secure padlock.

4. Certification certificate.
Padlocks with certification certificates tend to be more convincing and more reliable. If the padlock has CE or ROSH certification, it must be safe and allowed to be sold in Europe, the United States, and other countries. If you buy a padlock that is not allowed to be sold, it is easy to have security concerns.

If you happen to need a lock for a warehouse, cabinet, boat or other outdoor use. Then I think this would be a great product for you: Electronic Padlock.

1. The lock is made of stainless steel and is not easily damaged. And there are multiple specifications, according to the needs of the choice of different shackle size.
2. The waterproof rating is IP68, which further enhances its safety.
3. And it is an intelligent electronic padlock, which can check the lock opening records through the smart lock system so that we can know whether our warehouse or cabinets are safe.
4. Most importantly, it has CE and ROHS certificates and has been certified for safety. Please feel free to use it.

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