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How to choose locks for your warehouse security

When most people choose a security solution for their warehouse, they think straight about things like security guards and security cameras. While there is nothing wrong with these methods of protection, they are labor intensive and costly. Once a problem is discovered, they need active people to stop the problem.

Proper installation is the only way to get the most out of your warehouse locks, so you need to evaluate your warehouse security features before choosing them.Of course, warehouse locks can work in tandem with monitors and guards. In order to make the most of your warehouse locks, it is important to know what types of locks are available.

Basic warehouse lock features

High metal content

The key to a good lock lies in the type of metal used to construct the various parts of the lock. Since destructive entry is probably the most obvious problem with your warehouse security, you need warehouse locks with  strong metal content.

Cylinder Complexity:

If you have concerns about concealed or covert access to your warehouse, you will need locks with greater internal complexity.

Key blank accessibility

If your warehouse has key control issues, you should limit the accessibility of key blanks for warehouse locks. Using the most common mechanical locks can be easily duplicated. Even if you train and manage your employees, there is still a risk that the keys will be copied.


Various types of warehouse locks

1. Padlocks

Usually, padlocks are used at the point where the door meets the warehouse. Therefore, padlocks need to have a strong release and a strong locking body.

2. Door handle

Vanma locks do not require power wiring, and the installation process is the same as mechanical locks, saving time and being more cost-effective.

3. Closed shackle padlock

Closed shackle padlocks are a more secure padlock. It means better protection when unlocking the shackle. This makes the lock more difficult to attack with a saw or wire cutters. A perfect solution to the shortcomings of traditional padlocks. Usually,the padlock body extends up and around the shackle.

Vanma electronic locks are designed with higher security in mind for warehouse security management. The electronic closed shackle padlock protects the padlock from the risk of being sawed off. At the same time, Vanma electronic padlocks place the power source in the key. This not only enables one key to open multiple locks and the key cannot be copied, but also facilitates the management of keys. Moreover, it can also cooperate with security personnel to conduct patrol inspection and keep lock opening records.Moreover, it can also cooperate with security personnel to conduct patrol inspections and keep records of lock openings. It makes warehouse management more convenient and precise.

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