How to Choose High-Security Locks for Warehouse?

When most people think of warehouse security, they think of things like security and surveillance cameras. There is nothing wrong with these protective measures, but they require human action to be effective. Once a problem is discovered, they need active people to stop it. Think of a warehouse lock as passive security, which protects a given location without manual intervention.

Because warehouse locks only need to be installed correctly to realize their full security potential, they are very useful when you implement warehouse security measures. Of course, warehouse locks can benefit from security cameras or security, but if there are no staff, your locks can still maintain the security of the warehouse. But in order to maximize the use of warehouse locks, we need to know how to choose the right lock for warehouse security needs.

Basic Warehouse Lock Characteristics

Metal Content
How strong a lock is, has to do mainly with the type of metal used to construct the various parts of the lock. The most important parts of the lock to have strong metal are the exterior housing, bolt(s), shackle, and the other parts of lock that will be targeted. As destructive entry is likely the most obvious concern for your warehouse security, you want a warehouse lock with strong metal composition.

Cylinder Complexity
If you are at all concerned with the threats of covert or surreptitious entry overwhelming your warehouse security, you will want a lock that has greater internal complexity. The most basic form of warehouse lock that has cylinder complexity would be something with security pins. Even a pin tumbler lock with security pins will have some level of bump key resistance.

Key Blank Accessibility
When key control is a large concern for your warehouse security, you want to be able to limit the accessibility of the key blanks for your warehouse locks. With most common locks, a key can be duplicated with just a simple trip to the hardware store. Even if you have gone through all of the trouble to stamp each key issued to an employee with a “DO NOT DUPLICATE” mark, the key can still be copied.

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