How to Choose Access Control Door Lock for Hospital?

Hospitals are not usually a priority for most people when thinking about where to install access control systems, but like most secure locations, there are many sensitive areas in hospitals where patients and the public are not allowed casual access. Such as pharmacies, radiation treatment rooms, and so on. Therefore, one thing that is common to many of the areas involved in security is access control.

There are a variety of access control systems on the market, and some of the more frequently used types in hospitals are as follows:

Mechanical Access Control System

Mechanical access control, as the name implies, uses a traditional key to open a mechanical lock to secure the access area. Therefore, staff entering the access control area must first gain access and then must be equipped with a key to open the lock. But there is an obvious disadvantage is that the key can easily be copied, as long as the key is available to enter and exit at will, there is a great security risk.

Electronic Access Control System

If a higher level of access restriction is sought, an electronic access system is a suitable option. Using RFID cards/key fobs/specific badges/fingerprints/passwords, etc., the system is unlocked only after successful verification. Often this system can be used in conjunction with other systems such as elevators, CCTV, or alarm systems, and is the most common one used in hospitals.

electronic access control

Passive Electronic Locking System

Combining the functions of mechanical access control as well as electronic access systems, it is the access restriction system with the highest level of security at the current location. The overall system consists of a Mechanical Lock + Intelligent Key + Management Software.

Vanma lock

Unlike mechanical access control, the lock cannot be opened at will with a key, but will only be opened as long as the key is assigned unlocking privileges.
Unlike the electronic access system, the lock itself is not electrically powered, no power supply needs to be arranged, and the key touches the metal contacts of the lock to supply power to the lock, thus completing the unlocking operation.
In addition to the two differences mentioned above, software management is the new highlight.


1. Authorization
The manager must set the unlocking authority for the key in the software, and then the staff can use the key to complete the switch lock operation.
2. Unlock and Lock Record
Each opening and closing operation will be recorded, and you can check who and when to use the key to open and unlock the software, and the responsibility will be traced back to the individual.
3. Blacklist
If the key is lost, the blacklist function is set in the software to close the unlocking authority for the key, effectively avoiding theft.

As a special security field, hospitals have high requirements for security level, therefore, choosing to control the security of sensitive areas helps to protect patients, and employees and maintain a good reputation in the hospital.

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