How to Choose A Vending Machine Lock for Your Business?

Vending machine theft. This is a real problem with vending. For suppliers with already razor-thin profit margins, a vending machine theft can mean the loss of most of their revenue for a day or a week. This also prevents the machine from being used while it is down, reducing revenue.
In order to enhance the security of the vending machine, it is recommended to purchase a more suitable lock for the vending machine. However, using a more expensive lock increases the cost of using the vending machine and makes it harder to make up the difference over time. However, if the new lock can deter thieves from entering the machine and deter vending machine theft, it would be a wise investment.
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Therefore, most vending machine locks are made of zinc alloy or stainless steel and need to be strong enough. However, what problems should we pay attention to when choosing a vending machine lock?
One is to pay attention to the type of vending machine lock. Generally, vending machines are mostly fixed with tubular key locks and dimple key locks. The working principle is different from the unlocking experience, which requires us to choose according to our own needs.
cam lock for vending machine
The second is to pay attention to the design of vending machine locks. Current vending machine locks come in various sizes and designs, some with springs and some without. Different designs will have different effects during use, and you can also customize the design according to your own needs.
The third is to pay attention to whether it is equipped with a master key. Usually vending machines are used a lot, and the master key can open multiple vending machines with one key, which provides convenience for the management and maintenance of vending machines.
In addition to the lock and key, the choice of vending machine lock also requires attention to the rod-like device that connects the vending machine’s lid to the main lock, preventing the lid from being removed and maintaining the collective security of the entire machine.
Vanma Lock has been providing security solutions to the vending machine industry for over 20 years. It plays a vital role in helping employers manage the operation and maintenance of vending machines. Vanma Lock produces various types of vending machine security products, including cam locks, detachable lock cylinders and other customized products.

Its functions cover:

  • Authorized access
  • Access audit
  • Fingerprint verification
  • One-click disable lost key
  • One key to open multiple locks
  • Temporary authorization, etc.
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