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How to Choose A Security Server Rack Lock?

Nowadays, our work and life are inseparable from the Internet. Eat, shop, pay, communicate, socialize, and more. So the national communication network is very important. Among them, the safety of server cabinets is particularly important. However, the current server security management has many security risks:

  • The number of server cabinet locks is very large, and the keys are also very large, so it is difficult to divide them.
  • Ordinary keys can be easily copied. The security of the server cannot be guaranteed.
  • The unlock info is not recorded. Managers can’t see if operations maintenance personnel are completing maintenance on time.
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Vanma smart lock system can solve these existing problems.

Vanma smart lock system is consist of three parts: passive electronic lock, smart key, and smart lock management system.

Security: It adopt AES256 encryption, the world’s only 64-bit ID code, key and lock two-way authentication. Safer than traditional lock and key.

One key to open multiple locks: Intelligent electronic locks need to be equipped with a dedicated electronic key, and this electronic key can open multiple electronic locks. Unlocking is more efficient. It also solves key clutter and difficult management. The number of keys can be reduced to 1.

Flexible authorization: Each key can be authorized through the software. This clearly allows the key to unlock which lock, or when to unlock, which is convenient for management. Employees can only open the lock during the authorized time frame, and cannot open the lock at other times.

Record lock/unlock information: The key will record unlock and lock information. According to the Vanma smart lock management system, the records can be viewed. Each record will show the unlock time and the name of the key.

If you want to replace the traditional cabinet lock, it is very easy.
The smart key provides power to the lock. You don’t need to run any wires or power supply. Just remove the original mechanical cabinet lock and install the Vanma lock.

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