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How to Choose a Security Lock for Bank, ATM, Cash in Transit?

It’s hard to imagine a place that needs more security than a bank. The bank buildings, ATMs, and cash delivery services all have completely different workflows, but each requires a high-security lock like a vault.

Security You Can Trust

The intelligent passive cyber lock consists of three parts:
Passive Lock, Intelligent Key, and Management Software. Each component provides a layer of protection.

The First Layer of Protection – Lock
– Lock body: Zinc alloy
– Cylinder: Stainless Steel
– Surface: brushed stainless steel
– Ambient: Temperature (-40° to 70°); Hum (20% to 97%)
– Protection class: IP67
The robust material is suitable for any environment. The possibility of human sabotage is extremely low.
cabinet lock
The Second Layer of Protection – Key
– Blacklist of lost keys.
– One key opens multiple locks.
– Voice prompts for various working states.
– Three-level password authority + dynamic key.
The key is the core component. The lock itself does not carry any power. After the key is powered on, the power is transmitted to the lock to achieve the purpose of unlocking.
The Third Layer of Protection: Software
– Upload and receive real-time switch lock records.
– Emergency alarm, timely reporting, and deployment.
– Report viewing, inspection data statistics, analysis.
– Permission settings, unified management of locks and people.
All switch lock operations are completed by software settings, and unauthorized switch locks cannot be implemented, thus ensuring absolute security.

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