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How to Choose a Safe Lock for Your Van Trailer?

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Whether you own or rent a semi-trailer, the risk of cargo theft is always there. There seems to be a daily news story about cargo theft. The dollar amount of lost cargo also continued to increase. No matter what cargo is being transported, the value of those shipments often exceeds six figures. The total annual loss of cargo theft can easily run into the tens of billions of dollars.

No trailer of any kind is safe from theft. Cargo hauled with dry truck trailers, refrigerated trailers, flatbed trailers, etc. can all be stolen. To ensure the safety of your cargo, thorough background research on truck drivers is necessary. In addition to that, this article will mainly introduce how to choose a safety lock for van truck transportation.

There are two main threats to van truck transportation:
  1. The door was opened by an unauthorized person;
  2. Unable to know the location of the truck in time;
  3. The responsible person cannot be found if the goods are missing;
  4. Extreme environments cause the door locking system to fail.
At present, advanced lock management systems have provided safe transportation solutions for van truck transportation:
  1. The locks of companies such as Vanma, Abloy, Rudo, Jointcontrols can set the unlocking authority. Managers can set unlocking authority and unlocking time and place for different people according to different responsibilities.
  2. Rudo, Jointcontrols, OpticalLock have GPS positioning function. Managers can view the location of the truck in real time from data center. Once the location deviates from the pre-set route, they can contact the driver in time or call the police.
  3. The locks of companies such as Vanma and Abloy can view the switch lock records in real time. Once the goods are missing or lost, the responsible person can be found with the data records.
  4. Usually only smart locks can meet the first three requirements, but the harsh environment has a great threat to smart locks, so the lock matching device of Abus and Kossie can perfectly solve this problem. These two devices are made of sturdy steel, and the lock is hidden inside, blocking all the weather and the damage of theft.
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