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How to Choose a Passive Smart Lock System Suitable for Your Company?

Passive smart lock system is becoming more and more popular as companies have higher security needs, because it can manage not only locks and keys, but also employees. However, different companies have different needs for passive smart lock system. So how to choose the system suitable for your company?


Passive smart lock system usually consists of smart lock, smart electronic key, management software. Let’s talk about how to choose from the above three parts.

Smart Lock

  1. Material

Locks are mainly used outdoors, 304 stainless steel has excellent rust resistance.

  1. Protection

The passive smart lock has a built-in chip and board, which will be corroded and damaged if exposed to water. The lock with IP67 protection standard can be completely waterproof, which can meet the conditions for outdoor use.

  1. Data Record

Choose the lock with a data recording function (even if the key is lost, the previous record can still be read with a new key). At the same time, the lock can identify the status of unlocking and locking, which can help companies make sure all locks are locked when the work is finished.

  1. Anti-magnetic Unlocking

Choose the lock that can prevent technical unlocking. It is better to purchase samples for relevant testing first.

  1. Support Customization

Different installation environments require different lock types and sizes, so be sure to choose the lock that is easy to install. If it can’t meet your use environment, you need to make special customization.

Smart Electronic Key

  1. Fingerprint Verification

Choose the smart key with a fingerprint verification function, which can realize the management of traceability responsibility to people.

  1. Data Storage

The smart key is the core of the lock management system, and data storage is the most basic function. It is used to store the data of unlocking and locking. It is recommended to choose the key with a large capacity.

  1. Voice Prompt

The voice prompt can well guarantee the accuracy of the process of unlocking and locking, which can give the employee a clear prompt even in a noisy environment.

Management Software

  1. Meet the Management Needs of Companies

As the core of data management of employees, equipment, locks and smart keys, management software must meet the basic management needs of companies. (Key management, authorization, blacklist, smart map and management of equipment)

  1. Demand customization

It is better to choose a lock management system that can be customized to meet the special needs of the companies, which can improve the efficiency of lock management.

  1. Mobile APP

Whether to add a mobile APP to the lock management system depends on the actual management needs. If there is a need to remotely authorize the unlocking in the business, managers need to use the mobile APP for remote authorization. If managers need to view the relevant data of unlocking and locking on the mobile phone, it also needs to use the mobile APP.


In conclusion, when choosing a passive smart lock system, you must choose a system according to your actual management needs and use environment. At the same time, comprehensive factors such as the ability of customization and software upgrade, and after-sales service of the manufacturers should also be considered. Hope to help you choose a cost-effective passive smart lock system.

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