How to Choose A Good Cabinet Lock?

We were dazzled by the variety of smart locks. And no matter how intelligent the product is, intelligent lock or cannot leave the function of anti-theft, again good intelligent lock also should have a high-precision compound structure of anti-theft lock core, the so-called good anti-theft lock core, should have what kind of conditions?

With the development of electric power, more and more applied to the cabinet, how to manage these cabinet lock is a problem in the industry, the traditional mechanical cabinet lock is easily stolen, not only caused widespread power outages, resulting in loss of property, it is easier to get an electric shock accident, causing casualties. The demand of the market promoted the development of economy, smart cabinet lock in recent years has been very good development.

What kind of cabinet lock is a good cabinet lock?
1. Look at the material
– it is best to choose nickel alloy, stainless steel, zinc alloy materials to do the key, lock nail lock core. The lock core depends on the precision to improve the anti-theft performance, good lock core precision needs good materials to ensure.

2. Look at the structure – the best choice of hybrid structure lock core. To solve the security problem of the lock core (anti-technology opening, anti-damage opening, anti-structural defects opening), it is necessary to complete the mixed structure, so as to solve the defects of a single structure.

3. Look at key protection measures.
Intelligent electronic cabinet lock, no matter what kind of way to open the lock, all need to be authorized by the administrator, otherwise unable to open the lock, this is also the advantage of intelligent cabinet lock. Intelligent passive cabinet lock adopts hexadecimal 12-bit code, three-layer password and protocol protection, which cannot be cracked at present; In the case of key loss, the administrator can delete the operation in the background, even if others pick up the key can not unlock. And has the waterproof, dustproof effect, completely suitable for the outdoor installation application.

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