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How to Choose a Gate Access Control System?

How to Choose a Gate Access Control System?

Whether it’s a factory, a commercial office building, or a multi-occupancy residence, all kinds of properties require the use of gates to maintain security. Companies often focus on protecting their interior buildings, underestimating the power of a good gate access control system.

So, how do you choose a suitable gate control system for your business? In this blog, you will learn about:

What is gate access control system?

A gate access control system is a security system designed to control and manage access to a specific area or premises. It is electronically controlled to allow or deny access to authorized individuals.

Gate access control system usually consists of three parts: lock, key and management software. The gate access control system verifies the identity of the person seeking access. The process of authentication requires the use of a key. In an access control system, the key is not necessarily a traditional key, but a password, card, key fob or fingerprint can be used as a “key”.

Once the user’s identity has been verified, the lock can be unlocked and access granted. Most access control systems have auditing functions. Who enters or leaves the premises at what time can be viewed in the management software.

5 types of gate access control systems


1. Keypad Access Control Systems

This is one of the simplest access control systems. Instead of requesting access at the physical device, the visitor enters a specified code or PIN. When the user finishes entering the code, the system will query and check its database to see if the code is valid. If it is valid, the system will automatically open the door.

keypad-access-control - using-keypad-to-open-door

Keypad access control systems are often used in residential buildings, educational institutions, etc. They are characterized by high foot traffic and complex personnel. The absence of cards, key fobs, etc. can save costs.

It also has disadvantages.

  • Codes are easy to disseminate, anyone can easily access them, and there is no audit trail. This means that security cannot be guaranteed.
  • Requires a touch to the keyboard. Especially during a pandemic, there will be a large volume of germs left behind from different people touching the keyboard each day. This will accelerate the spread of the virus.

2. Passive Electronic Lock Access Control Systems

This is a gate access control system that has become popular in recent years. It consists of 3 parts: key, lock, and management system. All authorizations need to through the management system.

electronic locking system

Each employee has a key. The key can be unlocked only at the authorized time. The rest of the time the key will not be unlocked. This ensures the security of the premises.

Also, it is called a passive electronic lock because it does not require wiring when it is installed. This means that it is very simple to secure and can usually be replaced in 3 minutes.

3. Card Access Control Systems

These systems use a card reader to read a magnetic stripe or an RFID card to grant access to authorized individuals.

card Access Control Systems

The advantage over keypad access control systems is that it does not require PIN memorization and allows for faster read access.

The visitor only needs to show the card within the reading range of the reader. At this point, the reader will receive the card number, and when the card number is approved, the reader will send a signal to the lock to unlock it.

4. Biometric Access Control Systems

These systems use fingerprints, facial recognition, or iris scans to identify individuals and grant access.

Biometric Access Control Systems

This is a more secure access control system. Because people cannot borrow “keys” to access areas to which they do not have access.

It is often used in banks, research institutes, and other places where high-security access control is required.

5. Telephone Entry Access Control Systems

These systems allow users to call a phone number and speak to someone at the gate who can grant access.

telephone entry access control system

Factors to consider when choosing a gate access control system

There are many kinds of access control systems on the market, but how to choose the most suitable one for your business?

First, you need to consider the user object.

Is the user population moving around frequently? Is there a large number of people? For enterprises, frequent turnover and a large number of people are not suitable for cards, key fobs, or other real keys. Because it is more likely to lead to the loss of keys. These costs are borne by the company. So, it is more suitable for a keypad access control system.

However, in the case of residential areas, the cost of key fobs and cards is usually borne by the residents, so a card access control system is preferable.

Secondly, you need to consider the usage environment.

Does the gate access control system need to be installed away from the building? If so, then there are wiring issues to consider. A passive electronic lock gate access control system would be the best choice. This saves wiring costs.

Best gate access control recommendations

The best gate access control system for businesses is the Vanma Electronic Lock Gate Access Control System, which has the following advantages:

  • Audit Trail. With management software, you can view who unlocked the lock at when, making it easy to trace responsibility.
  • Flexible authorization. Locks can only be unlocked during the time they are authorized, the rest of the time they will have no access.
  • Temporary authorization. Administrators can temporarily authorize visitors via cell phone.
  • Lost keys. A lost key can be added to the blacklist so that the key will not be able to unlock any locks.
  • One key for multiple locks. Employees can carry only one key to unlock all locks, enhancing work efficiency.
  • Robust and durable. The lock is made of stainless steel and is not easily broken. IP67 protection makes it waterproof and dustproof, so it can work properly outdoors.
Vanma electronic lock

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