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Choose a Electronic Door Lock System

Safety has always been an essential topic in every industry. Locking systems have come a long way over the past few decades.
From standard metal keys to punch card keys, magnetic stripe cards, and now smart cards, fingerprint unlocking, and the use of keyless systems.
However, one of the biggest weaknesses of traditional locks is the key. Not only is security always vigilant when keys are lost, but changing locks is expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, it is very important to choose a lock that can guarantee security.

Vnama Mechatronic Locking System

Combines the best parts of normal and digital locks.
No complicated wiring installation is required, and the power supply is inside the key.
The system is composed of a traditional lock + intelligent key + management software.
√ Higher flexibility
√ Unlock and lock permission
√ Unlock and lock record
√ One key to open multiple locks
√ Remove lost or stolen keys from the system
√ Installation and maintenance costs are higher than traditional locks

passive smart lock system

Electronic (or digital) Locking System
Electronic locks are the most innovative option available. This locking system requires a stable power supply and, therefore, requires a cable to be installed.

1. RFID Locking System
It contactlesses transmitter-receiver systems use radio waves to identify objects and people.
2. Passward Access Locking System
Combination Lock and PIN
Enter the correct sequence of numbers on the keyboard or touchpad to open.
3. Chip Card Lock
With sensor and chip card for easy reprogramming.
4. Lock with Smartphone Control
A smartphone APP controls the locking system, allowing users to unlock using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

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