How Is The Electronic Five Anti-lock Achieved ?

You may know that the electronic five anti-lock is a kind of device lock to prevent the load-pull the lock, to prevent straying into the charged interval. Force operators to operate according to the established safe operating procedures to avoid the occurrence of accidents, so, how is the implementation of this five anti-lock?

There are four conventional locking methods: mechanical locking. Program locks, electrical interlocks, and electromagnetic locks.

Mechanical lock to achieve the operation of electrical equipment after another electrical equipment can not be operated, the mechanical linkage between the contactor is generally used for motor positive and negative rotation control, does not allow the two contractors at the same time. Mechanical locking does not require the use of keys in the operation process, and can be carried out in the correct order with the operation, step by step unlock, in the case of the wrong operation, can be automatically locking, but only in the switch cabinet and outdoor lock knife and other mechanical action between the relevant parts of the application.

The program lock is to use the key according to the operating procedures, to transfer or replacement, and to achieve the requirements of successively unlocking. Its biggest advantage is that the key transfer is not limited by the distance, so the application range is wide, the program lock in the process of operation has the key transfer and key number change assistant action, in line with the requirements, and the operation of the route completely consistent, so also easy for the operator to accept.

When the electric appliance is locked, the unlocking behavior should be realized through the electromagnetic mechanism action of the electromagnetic coil. The advantage of electrical locking is easy to operate, no auxiliary action, but there are also the following problems in the process of installation: when used alone, generally only unlock function, no reverse locking function. Electromagnetic coils are susceptible to moisture when used outdoors, increasing the failure rate. Auxiliary cables are needed to add additional construction. You need to string the auxiliary contacts of the operating mechanism. According to the operation experience, the auxiliary contact is easy to produce bad contact and affect the reliability of the action.

A device using computer technology for high voltage switchgear to prevent electrical misoperation. Through software, a large number of secondary latching loops in the field are changed into five latching rule bases in the computer, realizing the digital function of preventing false latching. And can achieve the previous can not achieve or difficult to achieve the error prevention function, is the latest technology of the function of error prevention.

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