How Does the Electronic Lock Work?

Access control lock” is a new important branch in the field of electronic lock, it and traditional electronic lock (temporarily called: “power needed electronic lock”) the biggest difference is the concept of reverse thinking. Will electronic lock essential work power supply shift to the electronic key (called: electronic key), from this, thoroughly solve the traditional active electronic lock in a series of inherent problems, such as: a large number of battery consumption, often need to maintain, complex structure, general, the standardized degree is low, the failure rate is high…

The shape, volume, and installation method of electronic lock core are similar to the standard mechanical lock, which can directly replace (interchangeable) the general mechanical lock, and install the electronic lock core on the mechanical lock body, which is the core component of “access control lock“.

Working Principle

When an electronic key touches an electronic lock, the lock is energized and information is exchanged to determine whether the key can access that particular lock. If authorization succeeds, the lock will be unlocked.

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