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How Do You Secure A Trailer Door?

How Do You Secure a Trailer Door?

In the logistic industry, the security of cargo t is the most important thing. However, it is difficult to supervise all conditions in the transportation process, but in order to ensure the security of the cargo as much as possible, it is still necessary for all logistics companies to choose a professional trailer door lock.

high security trailer door locks

How to choose the high security trailer door locks? You could consider the following aspects.

  • Limit who can unlock the trailer door.

    This function is very important for cargo trailer, because for long-distance transportation, sometimes, in order to ensure that the cargo are not damaged during transportation, it is necessary for logistics companies to arrange for special people to check the cargo on the road, But at the same time, to ensure the safety of the cargo, authorize specific people to unlock and open the door of cargo trailer.

high security trailer door locks
  • Record all unlocking and locking data until receipt is confirmed.

    It is also necessary to record all unlocking and locking data from before delivery and confirmation of receipt. The data of the last locking before delivery can prove that cargo are shipped without any problems, and the data of confirmation of receipt can prove that cargo received meet the requirements. Once there is a problem with the cargo, the unlocking records in the process, including the person and time of unlocking, can be used as the basis for traceability.

  • Sturdy and Durable.

    Bad weather is familiar to logistics workers, so the lock of cargo trailer must be sturdy and durable, and have good resistance to extreme weather and temperature.

high security trailer door locks

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