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How do you keep water out of a smart padlock?

The popularity of smart locks has been increasing in recent years, because of its convenient. Are Smart Locks Waterproof? The answer is yes, but to an extent. There are many locations where smart locks are susceptible to water damage, such as fence gates and even under a canopy if you get sideways rain.
Here are a few clever ways that you can protect your smart lock from water damage:

  • Install your smart lock in a location that is protected from the elements
  • Invest in a quality weatherproof cover for your smart lock
  • Waterproof your smart lock by using a watertight sealant
smart padlock
But many locks must be installed outside. How could we keep our smart padlocks waterproof, even prevent them freezing in winter?

Choose another smart padlock
The first thing to consider is a more freeze-resistant lock. Generally safer locks use ball bearing locking systems rather than spring-loaded bars. This basically means they unlock with fewer moving parts and are less likely to freeze together. Also, combination locks are more prone to freezing and harder to open than padlocks with keys.

Then you could choose a smart padlocks with plastic covers. These are designed primarily to prevent rainwater from entering the locks, but also prevent excess water from entering the mechanism and thus freezing at night. Vanma lock is a proper smart lock that uses both a ball bearing mechanism and a plastic cover.

Vanma passive lock

In another side, although it is smart padlock, there is no battery or any power in it. You don’t need to worry about it when raining.

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