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How Do Keyless Door Locks Work?

How Do Keyless Door Locks Work?

Keyless door locks work just like normal mechanical locks, they can open or close entryways throughout the facility. The only difference between them is that keyless door locks do not have a physical key to insert into the lock.

Keyless door locks are usually unlocked in the following ways:

  • Code
  • Key card or fob
  • Mobile app
  • Biometric technology, such as fingerprint or facial recognition

This actually brings great convenience to our life. You will avoid the unfortunate events of lost keys or keys breaking in the lock. Currently, passwords and key cards are the most popular ways to unlock keyless locks, but as technology evolves, other unlocking methods will quickly become popular.

How do to unlock the keyless door?

It really depends on your unlocking method.

If you are using a facial recognition door lock, you can simply unlock your door by showing your face to the camera. Once the device has swept your face and identified you, it will unlock the door.

If you are using a fingerprint door lock, there will be a pad on the door lock that holds your finger for fingerprint scanning. When the device recognizes your fingerprint, the door lock will unlock.

If you are using a fob, the unlocking method is even simpler. By placing the key card on the device, the door will unlock. It has different shapes; some are cards and some are fobs.

The most popular is the combination unlock. These keyless doors will have a keypad for code entry and will unlock when the code is verified correctly.

How secure are keyless door locks?

Objectively speaking, keyless door locks have almost the same security as regular door locks, but keyless door locks are more convenient.

The disadvantage of the key lock system is the loss of the key. Sometimes it also happens that the key breaks in the lock. But it is very rare for the key to break.

The disadvantage of the keyless door lock is that you need to pay attention to its power level. If there is no power, it will not work and you will be locked out of the door. In addition to that, you need to pay attention to the default PIN codes. Since most of these PIN codes are universal, you should not be lazy and choose to keep the default code after installation, but change it to a unique number. Otherwise, it will be easy for burglars to enter your home.

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