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How Do I Secure My Bike Outside My House?

How Do I Secure My Bike Outside My House?

According to FBI statistics, the number of bikes stolen each year has been on a downward trend over the past decade. However, the value of stolen bikes increased by an average of 56%. As a result, the price of bicycles is constantly rising, and the loss after being stolen is even more serious.

I’ve consulted with several veteran bikers on how to prevent bike theft and got a relatively consistent response: if a thief sees a bike, they’ll first look at the equipment that locks the bike, and if it’s a time-consuming and energy to accomplish the stealing goal, then they generally choose the easier goal.

How to prevent your bike from being stolen?
1. Park your bike with other bikes to avoid “standing out”.
2. Select an immovable object as the pivot for locking the bike.
3. Know the surrounding environment before parking and confirm the risk index of theft.
4. Install the bicycle alarm.
5. Choose a good and secure lock.

01 Fingerprint Intelligent Padlock
If you often forget your password or don’t have the habit of carrying your keys with you. We recommend you use this fingerprint padlock.

√ NO App, NO Key, NO Password, No Bluetooth. Your fingerprint is the Key. Do not worry about losing the key or the password being forgotten.

√ You can set up to 10 fingerprints (including 2 admin). You can share the fingerprint permissions with your family or friends.

√ It is just 90g, 3*1.8*0.51inch. Very convenient for you to carry around. IP65 waterproof, the smart lock can prevent dust and rain efficiently.

02 Chain Lock
The chain lock is wrapped in a thick, strong layer of nylon.

Durable high-performance steel shackles for extra protection.

If you store your bike in the garage, it is a good choice.

The extra length gives you more freedom in where and how you lock the bike.

chain lock for bike
03 U-Lock
U-locks are usually the best option for locking on the street.

Such locks tend to be smaller, lighter, and more compact than chain locks, so they are easier to carry.

Prevent prying and pulling, and have anti-collision, anti-drilling, anti-pulling, and anti-picking properties.

U lock
04 Folding Lock
The perfect balance of strength and lightness. Cycling can be directly put in the pocket.

Lock railing required. It can prevent thieves from directly pulling the car away.

This lock is heavy and long enough to lock onto a fixture unless a thief wants to pull it away as well.
folding lock

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