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How Do Banks Achieve Accountability?

As the main target of criminal activities, banks need to be better prepared than other industries in responding to security threats. Generally, a bank’s security system consists of these parts: a video surveillance system, an intrusion detection system, improved lighting, and the most important access control system. Because the access control system will be the last line of defense to stop criminals.

bank security control system

There are two purposes for using the access control system in the bank.

The first is of course the storage and custody of the keys used by the entire bank. This might include filing cabinets, cash drawers, offices, communication rooms, and security rooms. The safe room refers to the room where employees encounter danger or need to deliver or receive valuables. These places are all places that require higher-level employee permissions to open. Vanma smart locks can distinguish different employee levels and authorize them separately. Only when permission is granted can the specified lock be opened. When the administrator wants to modify the authority of the key, he only needs to go through the Vanma smart lock management system.

The second role of the access control system is to provide valuable evidence in the event of a crime. When investigating allegations of misconduct, knowing who unlocked the lock last time and when will have critical information. Vanma’s smart lock management system can automatically organize and count the unlocking reports, allowing managers to grasp the unlocking time of all doors at a glance.

In addition, the Vanma smart lock has two functions that are very suitable for banks.

  1. Easy to install. A bank is a place with a large passenger flow, and there are ATMs that work 24 hours a day. When replacing the access control system, the pursuit is fast, so as to minimize the impact on customers. Ordinary smart locks need to be wired, which delays time. Vanma smart locks are not needed. It only takes 3 minutes to replace a lock, which will not affect customers.
  2. Blacklist. It is inevitable for an employee to lose the key. If a senior employee loses the key and is picked up by someone else, it will bring huge losses to the bank. The function of the blacklist is to invalidate the key. The key added to the blacklist will not have any permission to unlock, and the unlock failure will also appear in the report. This also provides convenience for managers to retrieve lost keys.