How Can Banks Be Safer?

Worried about the need for wiring and power to install the electronic lock? Worrying about power failure, the electronic lock is invalid? Worried about the key being stolen and losing property? Worried about not knowing who opened the electronic lock?


Do you know what savers worry about?

Why don’t savers keep their money at home, but in the bank? Not only is there interest, but also because of safety. Security in the banking industry is highly critical. Ensuring that every access point is secured is an absolute necessity. Every security patrol must be precisely controlled. Additionally, banks require a solution that remains secure, even in the event of a power outage. If you cannot protect their money, and you will not be trusted by them.

If you have the above concerns, we can help you solve them all.

JWM can tailor security solutions for the banking industry.

Simple installation without wiring

JWM smart electronic lock requires no wiring, with smart access system, track every access attempt to every locking point in a bank, without hard-wiring power or network cables. Smart keys provide all the power to the lock, which means the locks remain secure, even during a power failure.

Unlock record supervision

You can clearly read the status of each lock and lock and unlock record in the management background, and everyone’s activities, so you can monitor potential security issues.

Blacklist controls lost key permissions

There is no need to worry about the lost key being used by criminals. You only need to add the lost key to the blacklist on the management software. This will no longer have the unlock permission, and when the blacklist attempts to unlock the lock, an alarm will be triggered.

You deserve to have such a powerful smart electronic lock. Make Your property more secure.

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