How Much Does A High Security Electronic Lock Cost?

Electronic locks are very popular in the market because it has many advanced functions which help people manage their system more convenient and safe.
However, most people have not installed electronic locks. Following are the main reasons:
* The steps to install electronic locks are complicated;
* The structure of the door has to be changed;
* The installation cost far exceeds their budget.


High Security Electronic Lock Cost

Vanma electronic lock is mainly composed of lock body, electronic key and lock management system. The cost of the Vanma lock is also made up of these three parts. Our electronic locks are mainly customized in the industry to meet the different security needs of users. We can customize all kinds of locks for customers, such as padlocks, cabinet locks, horizontal mortise locks, handle locks, and cam locks.
Please contact us for specific costs and get a quote for industry solutions.

Advantages of Vanma Electronic Locks

Vanma intelligent passive electronic lock cylinder can solve these problems:
* The size of this lock cylinder is the same as that of the mechanical lock, and it can be replaced directly. There is no need to change the structure of the door and the size of the keyhole;
* Simple installation steps;
* The installation cost is far lower than the cost of installing the entire electronic lock.

Features of Vanma Electronic Lock

Vanma passive electronic lock cylinder is not only convenient to install, but also has the advanced functions of the electronic lock:
* Flexible: manager can set the lock and unlock authority. Only the person with the authority can unlock the lock;
* Safe: its unlocking method is to identify the 64-bit ID code;
* Traceable:it can record the information of lock and unlock. When an accident occurs, managers can hold accountability to individuals and so on.

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