High Security Electronic Lock In CPES 2019

Locks and keys are information equipment, unlock records to follow and easy to flexible expansion.

Structure characteristics:

Material description: lock body – stainless steel/zinc alloy, the lock beam USES SUS304 stainless steel;
Surface treatment: stainless steel wire drawing/zinc alloy chrome plating;
Structure description: double bead single spring, can choose to leave the key/no key. Optional shear-proof design for girders;
Operating environment: temperature (-40° to 70°) humidity (20% to 97%);
Service life: 10 years;
Reference standard: IP68.
Electrical characteristics:

  • No power supply, no maintenance, no wiring installation, suitable for all kinds of environments;
  • Complete retention of the original lock usage habits;
  • High integration, three levels of lightning protection;
  • CE ROHS Ul and related certifications of the ministry of public security.

Shenzhen CPSE Exhibition
From October 28 to 30, 2019, the 17th Shenzhen CPSE was officially launched. This is the 7th time for JWM to attend the Shenzhen CPSE conference.

The 2000B series electronic lock developed by JWM has attracted the attention of many business customers since its appearance. The 2000B series electronic lock not only continues the function of recording switch lock time of the previous generation A series lock but also upgrades the protection level of the lock body to IP68, making the lock body more durable and more secure.


Jwm High-Security Electronic Lock Features:
No power supply, no wiring, no maintenance, suitable for all kinds of environments; Keep the use habit of the original lock, and increase the application characteristics of electronic lock core; Easy to install and set up operation, almost compatible with the current market all the same type of lock; Locks can be installed in accordance with the management requirements after the free matching lock rights; Key using electronic encryption verification technology, can not be copied.

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