High-Security and Convenient Padlock

JWM introduces a series of electronic padlocks, which greatly facilitates the management of enterprises. Through the JWM smart lock system, the manager can view the record of unlocking. At the same time staff only need to take one key to open more than one lock, save the trouble to find the key.

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Besides, what are the other advantages of electronic padlocks?

1. The JWM Smart Lock System has the blacklist function. When the key is lost, managers can use a new key to replace, and the lost key can not unlock any padlock, protect the property security of the enterprise.
2. Lock replacement function. When the lock is damaged, the software can be used to replace the lock and add reasons for replacement. You can also go around the replacement list as well.
3. Read the unlock record. The JWM smart lock system makes it easy to see which key opened which lock at which time. The report is intuitionistic and convenient for managers to consult.
4. Authorization to unlock. Each key can be authorized by the software, allowing the key to unlocking which lock, or what period to unlock, convenient for management.
The JWM electronic padlock series comes in four sizes.

NO. Model Product Size
1 WM-2000B-S35 Lock width:35
Diameter of locking beam:5 Height of lock beam:27/38/50/75/90
2 WM-2000B-S40 Lock width:40
Diameter of locking beam:6.5 Height of lock beam:27/38/50/75/90
3 WM-2000B-S45 Lock width:45
Diameter of locking beam:8 Height of lock beam:27/38/50/75/90
4 WM-2000B-S55 Lock width:55
Diameter of locking beam:11 Height of lock beam:27/38/50/75/90

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