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In the United States, in order to promote the safe and effective use of sedatives for patients by first responders, the American College of Emergency Physicians proposes the following recommendations: “First responders should receive the necessary training, be able to use sedatives safely, and be certified to be able to administer sedatives to patients.” Therefore, the use of sedatives requires special attention. It must be realized how to know when, where and by whom the emergency sedative safe is used.

In Polk City, Florida, USA, a medical emergency team is facing such a problem.

Solution: Vanma's key-centric access control system

After understanding their demand, the key-centric access control system proposed by Vanma perfectly solves this demand. Since March 2021, they have installed Vanma electronic locks on 120 rescue vehicle sedatives safes. Since the appearance of the Vanma electronic lock is the same as the ordinary mechanical lock, it is very easy to install.

Based on the powerful Vanma electronic lock management software, each lock on the sedatives safes can be placed in the management software. In order to ensure that the sedatives are only used by personnel who perform tasks and have relevant qualifications when it is necessary to perform first aid tasks, the management personnel will authorize the unlocking personnel through the management software, and the authorized time range for unlocking. Each relevant person performing the task will hold a key, which will record every unlocking operation, including unauthorized unlocking attempts.

When the relevant person in charge counts the sedatives, he can find abnormal behavior through the unlocking operation record. The main person in charge of the medical team said: “The solution provided by Vanma has helped us realize the accident accountability mechanism, which will greatly facilitate our drug management and supervision.”


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